Next-generation Air Distribution Systems (ADS) 可减少空气消耗, Leading To Improved Efficiency And Reduced Operating Costs

由Erik Solfelt

Success for industrial operations around the world can be measured in a number of different ways, 如操作设备效率 (SUIT), 生产率和安全性, 仅举几. Almost always they can be grouped into one of three categories: Keeping operating costs low, keeping customers happy and keeping employees safe. Happy customers and safe employees are typically easy to identify and measure for most industrial plants. 然而, operating costs tend to have hidden components that are not so easy to spot.


Advanced Air Distribution System (ADS) technology can reduce the operating costs for air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps in a number of industries, 包括化学加工, 食品与饮品, 石油和天然气, 制药和矿业.

在工业领域, some of the most significant operational costs – whether in the chemical processing, 食品与饮品, 石油和天然气, pharmaceutical or mining industries – are the ones incurred for the purchase, operation and maintenance of pumps used during various production and transfer processes.

One of those hidden components from the operating-cost perspective can often be the electricity used by pumping systems, 哪, according to a Hydraulic Institute study, 占据近 20% of the world’s electricity demand. 假设 7 每千瓦/小时美分, 这大约相当于 $294 十亿. 因此, it’s not surprising that energy consumption can make up close to 90% of the total life-cycle cost of owning and operating a pump.

It has also been estimated that 30% 至 50% of the energy that is consumed by pump systems can be saved through equipment or control-system upgrades. Taking all of these usage estimates into consideration, simple arithmetic tells us that up to $147 billion of electricity costs will either go to the industrial companies or the energy provider.

Since pumping systems are ever-present in almost all industrial manufacturing facilities and are crucial to the operation of many production applications across a wide array of industries, 他们也是成熟的运营改进,可以减少能源消耗, resulting in both lower operating costs for the facility manager and a more environmentally friendly carbon footprint.

This article will show how recent improvements in air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump technology are helping industries around the globe reduce air consumption, which delivers many significant benefits for both the operator and the environment.


The design and operation of the Pro-Flo® SHIFT空气分配系统 (ADS) 从威尔顿® represents a revolutionary leap forward in optimizing the rate of air consumption in air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) 泵.


对于工业制造商与流体传输操作的两个主要挑战是一个事实,即所有的抽水系统, no matter the technology that is deployed, 可以以某种方式被可操作地改进,使它们更有效且具有成本效益的操作. 其次, 具体来说的AODD泵, there can be hidden electricity costs related to air consumption that are hard to quantify because those costs can be included in the expenses needed to operate other equipment in the plant.

在它的发明超过六十年以前, AODD pump technology became an immediate sensation in the industrial-manufacturing sector. AODD pumps are the best solution for many applications because of their simple design, 这使得流体的调节的量的位移,从它的两个液室各一个泵送冲程的完成时. AODD泵还配备了只有少数湿件是动态: 他们两个膜片, 这是由一个共用的轴连接的, 两个入口阀球和两个出口阀球.

驱动隔膜用压缩空气来代替轴平衡隔膜上的负载, 这消除机械应力从操作和延伸膜片寿命. 这也允许阀球以打开和关闭在阀座, 其中引导液体流. This uncomplicated design and operation makes it easy for the operator to find the correct pressures and flows to optimize the AODD pump’s operation.

This makes AODD pumps ideal for use with a number of different types of liquids, 从原油和油漆烹调调味料和香波.

The design of the AODD pump, 虽然, 可以离开它的操作容易受到高利率 (和相应的成本) 压缩空气的使用. 亦即, 最早的空气分配系统 (ADS), 它们是AODD泵的马达, 将, 在每个冲程结束, produce a moment where a small but still notable amount of compressed air would be allowed to “overfill” the air chamber without any corresponding displacement of fluid. Think of this overfilling as being similar to hitting the gas pedal in an automobile while driving over a patch of ice; 车轮转动会, but the vehicle doesn’t move forward, which is ultimately a waste of gas or energy.

知道了这一点, the search was on to develop an ADS that could reduce the rate of air consumption in relation to the product flow rate while also minimizing the overall amount of wasted air that is not enhancing product yield during the pumping cycle. 如果实现, this type of ADS would positively impact an operation’s bottom line through improved production rates with reduced compressed-air consumption.

While some notable enhancements to ADS performance did occur over the years, the troubling problem of wasted air continued to be observed at the conclusion of each pumping cycle. What was needed was a true game-changer in this realm of AODD pump air consumption.


一个创新的空气控制阀芯掺入临弗洛的设计® SHIFT ADS是什么给它在每个泵冲程结束逮捕空气损失的能力, 这有助于使临-FLO SHIFT达 60% 比竞争ADS技术更有效.


在 2013, 威尔顿® 抽 & Engineering Company debuted a new solution for this industry challenge with the release of its revolutionary Pro-Flo® SHIFT空气分配系统. The operation of the Pro-Flo SHIFT was not just an incremental improvement in ADS technology, but a true revelation, one that presented an entirely new way of looking at how AODD pumps operate and consume air.

为了应对低效利用空气, the Pro-Flo SHIFT restricts air flow into the air chamber near the end of each pump stroke so that only enough air is introduced to keep the pumping process going. This is accomplished through the incorporation of an innovative air control spool that automatically meters the air to prevent overfilling with no reduction in product-yield rates. 其结果是减少空气消耗,同时最大运行效率和流速保持被. 这意味着, 在许多情况下, the Pro-Flo SHIFT can reduce air consumption by 60% when compared to the operation of competitive ADS technologies, 所有同时保持所需的流率.

此外, the automatic efficiency gains of the Pro-Flo SHIFT eliminate the need for the operator to manually dial in the efficiency or to control it with an expensive electrical system. 这会在AODD泵操作的改进的效率点没有流量的损失. The Pro-Flo SHIFT also delivers extraordinary maintenance advantages as it minimizes wear and tear on the diaphragms during operation through the optimization of every pump stroke.

临-FLO SHIFT ADS的其他优点包括::

  • 降低总拥有成本
  • 更快的建立时间
  • 易于维护
  • 落的配置功能
  • Ability to be retrofitted into existing Wilden AODD pumps
  • 能力在恶劣的工作环境中使用
  • 无需用电
  • 完全潜水
  • 环境敏感性

The Pro-Flo SHIFT’s ability to not only reduce and optimize air usage, but also maintain or even improve flow rates, 可节省工厂操作员购买新的泵装置或压缩空气系统的成本. The simplest way to increase a plant’s production capacity may be to simply switch out the ADS in the existing AODD pumps with the most current ADS technology rather than buying new or additional pumping units.


对于产业化经营, there will always be built-in costs of doing business. 为了减轻这些成本, it is important to recognize what the inherent expenses are and find ways to streamline them in order to create a more profitable business. While those industries and facilities that rely on AODD pumps for their production and product-transfer operations are taking advantage of a cutting-edge, reliable, 高效,环保的泵送技术, they can only realize the ultimate benefits of that technology if they are optimizing their air usage.

Wilden’s Pro-Flo SHIFT next-generation ADS technology effectively eliminates the problem of wasted air during the pump’s operation. This ability results in optimized operating costs and a healthier bottom line for the facility operator.


The performance of AODD pumps can become more cost-effective through the use of advanced ADS technology that reduces the amount of air that is wasted, resulting in lower utility and overall operating costs.


埃里克Solfelt是威尔顿隔膜泵产品经理® 和PSG®. 他可以达到 (909) 422-1741 或 Erik.Solfelt@psgdover.com. 总部设在大露台, CA, 美国, Wilden is a leader in air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) 泵和一个产品品牌的PSG®, 一个多佛公司, 奥克布鲁克特莱斯, IL, 美国. PSG是由几个领导泵公司, 包括珠算™, ALMATEC®, 百马®, Ebsray®, EnviroGear®, 发现者, 格里斯沃尔德™, Mouvex®, 海王星™, Quattroflow™, RedScrew™和威尔顿®. 你可以找到关于威尔顿更多信息 wildenpump.com and on PSG at psgdover.com.


要创建现实条件下测量各种ADS技术的效果全行业, 受控, 客观的头对头试验被安排比较已配备了传统行业的顶尖AODD泵, 电控和机控美国预托股份. 服务的执行被认为在该领域常用的条件被复制,在实验室. 这个模拟的应用程序所需的每个泵产生的流量 320 升每分钟 (升/分钟) (85 GPM) 打击头部压力 2.1 酒吧 (30 PSI). 为了实现这些竞争泵之间进行公平比较, 每个泵在需要满足服务的共同条件的入口空气压力运行. 空气消耗量数据然后被记录.

聚集在客观AODD测试数据显示得出结论说,泵D (Wilden®亲FLO®SHIFT) beats the competition in all three key points of measurement with the lowest air consumption in standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM), 每分钟和流体的量最高每SCFM泵送的最低招. 泵D平均值整体 30% 减少空气消耗量相比,泵A, B和C. 它还管理着空气消耗量的四台泵中最大的减少,同时还管理流体的最佳整体体积每行程感动, 要求最低招每分钟.

为了打击满溢现象, 临弗洛SHIFT限制空气流入填充气室在泵的冲程的末端,以减少被浪费的压缩空气. 的亲弗洛SHIFT米革命性的空气控制阀芯的空气,以防止在产品产量没有减少溢出. 其结果是减少空气消耗,同时保持最高的运行效率和流量. 相比于电子ADS溶液, 这需要一个电源和延迟“学习”期间每次启动后, 临弗洛SHIFT, 不带电源的要求或达到峰值操作所需的延迟, 显然会让选择最好的AODD泵一个容易的决定.

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