The Value of Applications Knowledge

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工业生产者,,en,如油漆和树脂生产商或石油和气体重新连接了Nery运营商,,en,在先进技术的投资,这将帮助他们实现他们的业务目标,,en,聪明的SCADA系统可通过主动监测减少停机时间,,en,能源-E FFI cient泵技术提供节约运行成本,,en,对能源价格的涨落树篱和帮助企业减少碳排放量,以满足其环境管理目标,,en, such as paint and resin manufacturers or oil-and-gas refinery operators, are investing in advanced technologies that will help them to achieve their business goals. Smart SCADA systems can reduce downtime through proactive monitoring. Energy-efficient pump technology delivers operating-cost savings, hedges against energy-price fluctuations and helps companies to meet their environmental stewardship goals by reducing carbon emissions.

然而, 任何一种新技术可以显着提高业务运营的复杂性,,en,而此时的成本压力和经济逆风危及遏制增长和亲音响TA-吴春明,,en,这些技术的投资需要专门的知识和专长,以建立,,en,面对资源约束,并与精简STA FFI纳克的水平比以往任何时候操作,,en,他们是网络nding,他们不具备的内部专业知识以电子邮件FF ectively选择,,en, at a time when cost pressures and economic headwinds threaten to curtail growth and profitability. Further, these technology investments require specialized knowledge and expertise to build, operate, and maintain. Many industrial producers, like most businesses, face resource constraints and are operating with leaner staffing levels than ever before. 其结果, they are finding that they don’t possess the in-house expertise to effectively select, build, operate and maintain increasingly complex equipment and systems, 并经常被迫求助于第三方机构具有专业知识,,en,支持,,en,应用知识的价值,,en, for support.

Pump manufacturers in particular, along with their related distributors, engineering firms, consultants and other third parties, are increasingly stepping up to supply this critical applications expertise to their end-user customers. Properly deployed applications expertise can unlock value for industrial producers, and organizations that build superior applications expertise in their markets can gain a significant competitive advantage.


Wilden Original Series Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) Pumps in operation at a ceramic plant in Spain.


A stainless-steel Wilden Advanced PX Series AODD Pump in use at the SABA B.V. 胶- and adhesive-manufacturing facility in the Netherlands.


The challenge

Industrial manufacturers are facing an increasingly difficult business environment, one that is often impacted by these and other critical factors:

• Energy-price volatility.

• Regulatory compliance legislation and associated costs.


Energy-price volatility

Price volatility is defined in the energy industry as how quickly or widely electricity and/or natural gas prices change over a given time period. Prices are governed by supply and demand, where demand is impacted by factors such as weather patterns, economic conditions and consumer behaviour. In recent years, price volatility has increased in the energy market. To protect against this volatility, many companies 'hedge,' or buy a commodity at a price that is locked in over a set period of time. While this may improve peace of mind for the operator, hedging is costly and doesn’t create value for the operator beyond reducing energy-cost volatility.

The severity, and potential impact of price volatility is such that in its 2015 report titled, 'The New Normal,' the World Energy Council (WEC) opined that, “波动的能源和大宗商品价格的不确定性的影响......现在已经确立了自己的头号问题,对能源的全球领导者。”好消息是,全球能源的领导人已经认识到这一挑战,并开始采取措施解决这一问题,,en,“能量E FFI ciency,,en,'“的出台,节能-E FFI ciency的政策和措施已经快速增长在世界各地,,en,人数增加,能源-E FFI ciency法系国家的...显上课工业承诺能量E FFI ciency的加强和巩固。”,,en,说:“尽管显着的进步,,en. According to Francois Moisan in WEC’s triennial 2016 report, 'Energy Efficiency: A straight path towards energy sustainability,' “The introduction of energy-efficiency policies and measures has been growing fast around the world. The increasing number of countries with an energy-efficiency law…signifies a strengthening and consolidation of the industrial commitment to energy efficiency.”

The report does also indicate, 然而, that “despite the significant advances, 更可以和应该做的事,以提高能源生产和使用的电子FFI ciency。”这是工业制造商,因为非常值得关注,,en,作为WEC还指出,,en,总的,,en,在电力行业消耗。”对于许多工业公司,,en,其中能量是的操作成本显着的部,,en,但只获得最大的回报,如果他们考虑到在其运行的SPECI科幻C级应用的设备的复杂性做,,en,法规遵从,,en,法规遵从是德网络nition在现代世界为企业的必需品,,en,需要通过许多企业的投资,以确保符合,,en, as the WEC also notes, “industrial electric motors and electric motor-driven systems consume almost half of the total electricity and account for 70% of the total (amount of) electricity consumed in the industry.” For many industrial companies, where energy is a significant portion of operating costs, price volatility will continue to be a challenge. 这些公司将自送达评估节能技术,,en,在荷兰胶和粘合剂制造设施的不锈钢AODD泵,,en,由乔治·梅森大学的一项研究表明,“联邦法规对价值的影响加入到,,en,底线是,条例是在世界上几乎任何司法管辖区做生意的一个不可回避的要求,,en,将可能导致更大的能耗比可以从发动机技术的改进被保存,,en, but will only reap the greatest rewards if they do so by taking into account the intricacies of their equipment in the specific applications in which they operate. Only by developing and using the proper applications expertise will they be able to identify and choose the technology that is best suited to mitigate the cost risks associated with energy volatility.

Regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance is by definition a necessity for businesses in the modern world. These laws collectively shape the environment in which businesses operate. The number of federal regulations in the U.S. has been growing steadily for several decades, requiring investments by many businesses in order to maintain compliance. 事实上, 由乔治·梅森大学的一项研究显示,“价值联邦法规的电子FF ECTS加入,,en,每年自,,en,在工业制造宇宙的两个突出的例子是已经由中美开发的电机-E FFI ciency法规,,en,技术的进步已经紧紧围绕满​​足更严格的监管环境的需求将有助于工业生产者导航遵守境界,,en,例如,,bg,大小不正确的泵的工作,,en,一个Mouvex SLS系列偏心盘泵正在使用的可口可乐希腊装瓶公司转让碳酸饮料基地,,en,格里斯沃尔德一,,en,租入资产交接期间系列离心泵在行动,,en,LACT,,en,在得克萨斯州的鹰福特页岩播放操作,,en,预期资源管理工作,,en (U.S.) GDP for a panel of 22 industries…over a period of 35 years…dampened (GDP by approximately) 0.8% per year since 1980, eliminating $4 trillion in growth by 2012.”

Two prominent examples in the industrial-manufacturing universe are the motor-efficiency regulations that have been developed by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in Europe. The bottom line is that regulations are an unavoidable requirement for doing business in almost any jurisdiction in the world. Advances in technology that have been geared towards meeting the demands of a stricter regulatory environment will help industrial producers to navigate the compliance realm, but will be optimized only if they are applied with the appropriate applications expertise. 事实上, the misapplication of a pump (e.g., incorrectly sizing the pump for its job) will likely lead to far greater energy consumption than can be saved from improvements in motor technology.


A Mouvex SLS Series Eccentric Disc Pump being used to transfer carbonated-beverage bases by the Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company.


A Griswold 811 Series Centrifugal Pump in action during a Leased Asset Custody Transfer (LACT) operation in the Eagle Ford shale play in Texas.

Expectations for resource stewardship

这是它在各种形式的业务在过去二十年取得了身材的一句话是“企业的社会责任,,en,'或CSR,,en,这就是通常定性为“涉及举措好处网络牛逼社会的商业行为。”在6月的一篇文章,,en,在新兴市场的企业社会责任与消费者购买行为,,en,“强调,“现在的消费者希望企业道德行为除了提供优质的产品,,en,社区供水,,en,它不应该是令人惊讶的是哈佛商学院的报告标题,,en,”透露说,“最近的研究表明企业的社会责任花钱不再视为一种损害公司的亲盈利能力,,en,' or CSR, which is commonly characterized as “business practices involving initiatives that benefit society.” An article in the June 18, 2016, 国际杂志业务和管理的问题标题,,en,风险可能影响公司的地位,并在其所在社区做业务能力的政治和社会反弹,,en,股票分析师现在认为这些开支是必不可少的一个公司的长期品牌和价值。”,,en,其系统并在其运作的当地环境,,en,为了应对这些市场动态,并取得积极的业务成果,,en,是PSG业务发展部高级总监,,en, 'Corporate Social Responsibility and Consumer Buying Behavior in Emerging Markets,' highlighted that “consumers now want companies to behave ethically in addition to providing quality product[s]...“

The obvious implication is that those companies that are perceived to be inattentive or irresponsible stewards regarding shared resources, 例如, community water supplies, risk a political and social backlash that could impact the company’s standing and ability to do business in the communities in which it operates. 因此, it shouldn’t be surprising that a report from Harvard Business School titled, “The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Investment Recommendations,” revealed that “recent research shows spending money on corporate social responsibility is no longer seen as a detriment to a company’s profitability.

股票分析师现在认为这些开支是必不可少的一个公司的长期品牌和价值。”简而言之,,en,提高自己的社会责任的地位,,en,改变操作习惯,甚至调整业务策略,以更好地减轻购买的公众的企业责任要求,,en,“智能工厂的黎明,,en,“工业周刊杂志详述被称为一个迫在眉睫的制造必杀技‘智能工厂’。这种未来的工厂将是“E FFI ciency其中的缺陷和停机的天堂,,en, to improve their CSR standing, more and more companies are investing additional time and resources toward incorporating new technologies, changing operating practices and even adjusting business strategies in order to better assuage the corporate-responsibility demands of the buying public. 确实, these resources can only be optimized by developing and applying expert knowledge of the business, its systems and the local environment in which it operates. Businesses that develop and use this knowledge will help satisfy the needs of the public while achieving positive outcomes in resource stewardship.

The solution

So how do industrial manufacturers address the challenges of price volatility, 合规性和资源管理工作,,en,并且还成功地实现其业务目标,,en,许多公司正在转向技术援助,,en,在2月份的,,en,文章标题,,en,“智能工厂的黎明,,en,”工业周刊杂志详述被称为一个制造乌托邦‘智能工厂’。这种未来的工厂被誉为“效率,其中缺陷和停机时间的天堂,,en,浪费和等待是漫长,,en, and still successfully achieve their business goals? Many companies are turning to technology for assistance. In a February 2013 article titled, 'The Dawn of the Smart Factory,' IndustryWeek magazine detailed a looming manufacturing nirvana known as the 'Smart Factory.' This factory of the future will be “a paradise of efficiency where defect and downtime, 浪费和等待是久被遗忘的一个长期被遗忘的时代的问题。”这种现象背后的驱动力是工厂经理和谁共同创造数据和生产的无缝融合,将首席情报ØFFI核证减排量“照亮每一个动辄机,,en,文章的基本前提是在呼应,,en,通过Marketsand,市场研究,,en,“智能工厂市场按技术,,en,与地理 - 全球预测到2022年,”市场和市场研究人员发现,智能工厂市场,,en,之间,,en,流程,,en,并与当地的智力资源,,en,“在越来越重视节能和提高的过程ËFFI ciency,,en,随着通过采用物联网的集成工程设计和制造的,,en, every cut of every blade, every move of every piece in its global dance to deliver.”

While the hyperbole in this article is heavy, the article’s basic premise was echoed in a 2015 study by Marketsand-Markets, a publisher of premium market-research reports. In its piece titled, 'Smart Factory Market by Technology, Component, Industry, and Geography – Global Forecast to 2022,' Markets and-Markets researchers found that the smart-factory market, in terms of value, is expected to reach $74.8 十亿由 2022, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) 的 10.4% between 2016 和 2022.

“The emergence of smart factories can be seen from the period of change toward cohesive control of the machineries, processes, and resources with local intelligence,” read the report. “The increasing focus on saving energy and improving process efficiency, along with the integration of engineering and manufacturing by the adoption of IoT (the ‘Internet of Things’) 预计将推动智能工厂市场的增长。”虽然智能厂的经营方针承诺是谁实施这些工业制造商的福音,,en,这对自己的一套独特的挑战,,en,根据战略管理咨询网络RM A.T,,en,科尔尼的“多少复杂性真正成本,,en,顶部的“调查,,en,生产厂家的终极挑战是学习如何利用新技术可以提高他或她的业务和网络第二最佳,,en,大多数电子FFI cient的方式来提取好处音响TS,,en,这必须同时不允许这些新系统的固有的复杂性阻碍或者提高业务流程的成本来完成,,en,DXP企业旋转设备部门总裁,,en, they will raise the complexity of the operation, which poses its own set of unique challenges. 事实上, according to strategic-management consulting firm A.T. Kearney’s 'How Much Does Complexity Really Cost?' survey of the top 30 companies in Germany, 在操作复杂度的降低将超过30十亿€增加收入,增加除税及利息前盈利,,en,EBIT,,en,通过,,en,对于制造商的一个关键挑战是采用新技术,帮助实现同时管理这些新系统的固有的复杂性所期望的业务成果,,en,这是应用专业知识的积累和部署变得非常关键,,en,跳过Giessing,,en,DXP企业旋转设备事业部总裁,,en (EBIT) by 3% 至 5%.

The ultimate challenge for a manufacturer is to learn how new technologies can improve his or her operations and find the best, most efficient way to extract the benefits. This must be done while simultaneously not allowing the inherent complexities of these new systems to hinder or raise the cost of business processes. This is where the accumulation and deployment of applications expertise becomes immensely critical. 事实上, Skip Giessing, President of DXP Enterprises’ Rotating Equipment Division, 由于已经被提供工业泵公司,,en,认为没有理由的需求和应用的专业知识的重要性将不会继续在未来几年增长,,en,“我相信会有优秀供应商的专业应用需求的增加供应商和制造商共同合作,以配合技术工艺设备联网,,en,主动健康监测和可靠性,,en 1908, 认为没有理由的专业应用知识的需求和重要性将不会继续在未来几年增长,,en,客户需要知道和了解如何改变一个FF ECT设备的性能和可靠性,以及如何和什么以维持通过可靠的正常运行时间和设备③FFI ciency最大的生产力的事情。”所以,,en,究竟什么是应用专业,,en,它是专业知识有关的SPECI网络条件C使用某些产品,,en,为获得竞争优势的基础,,en,由于生产系统复杂性的增加,,en,可从应用程序的专门知识也增加被解锁的值,,en,正如图说明,,en,专家知识的类型在整个价值链变化,,en.

“I believe there will be an increased demand for outstanding supplier applications expertise as suppliers and manufacturers work together to tie technology to process-equipment networking, proactive health monitoring and reliability,“他说. “庞大的客户支出减少会当一个制造工厂内的所有关键设备互连和‘彼此交谈’,并调整到变化,,en,客户需要知道和了解的变化如何影响设备的性能和可靠性,以及如何和什么以维持通过可靠的正常运行时间和设备效率最大的生产力的事情。”,,en,那么究竟是什么“应用专业”是什么意思,,en,在最基本的层面,,en, 等等. Customers will need to know and understand how changes affect equipment performance and reliability and how and what to do in order to maintain maximum productivity through reliable uptime and equipment efficiency.” So, what exactly is applications expertise? At its most basic level, it is specialized knowledge pertaining to the use of certain products in specific conditions. This knowledge can be used to create better business outcomes and, 因此, be the foundation for gaining a competitive advantage. As the complexity of the production system increases, the value that can be unlocked from applications expertise also increases. As the graphic illustrates (见图 1), the type of expert knowledge varies across the value chain, so there are ample opportunities for increased collaboration among pump manufacturers and distributors, and among distributors and end users, 加强专业知识和加强对所有相关方创造价值,,en,协作是整个价值链的关键,,en,工具管理成本,,en,ËFFI ciency和e FF ectiveness,,en,埃克森美孚公司产生了阐明的方法来改善其所谓“总体设备电子FF ectiveness一个技术帮助台提示,,en,利用公式,,en,OEE =可用性X性能x质量,,en,•可用性表示机器是如何频繁的可用预定可使用,,en,它可以是由设备故障ected一个FF,,en,•性能是速度损失的措施,,en,•质量表示废料的通过特定的机器产生的量,,en,即达不到质量标准的产品,并要求所有项目返工全部FF ecting整体素质,,en.


数字 1: Collaboration is key across the value chain.

Tools for managing costs

为了更好地了解应用专业技术能够如何帮助运营商实现提高生产率的设备的重要性,,en,效率和有效性,,en,埃克森美孚公司产生的拼写方法来提高它所谓的“整体设备效率一名技术帮助台提示,,en,“那ISED,,sm,OEE被测量为植物的实际输出的比率相比,最佳输出,,en,用公式,,en,可用性表示机器是如何频繁的可用预定可使用,,en,这可以通过设备故障的影响,,en, efficiency and effectiveness, ExxonMobil produced a Technical Help Desk Tip that spelled out the ways to improve what it called “Overall Equipment Effectiveness,” or OEE. OEE is measured as a ratio of a plant’s actual output compared to optimal output, using the equation: OEE = Availability x Performance x Quality, 哪里:

• Availability represents how frequently a machine is available for its intended use, which can be affected by equipment failure, 计划外的维护,,en,材料短缺和转换时间,,en,性能是速度损失的措施,,en,或单元的数量的机器的额定每小时产生与它实际上产生的单位数,,en,质量表示废料的通过特定的机器产生的量,,en,用不合格原料,,en,即达不到质量标准,需要返工所有影响整体品质的产品和任何项目,,en, material shortages and changeover times.

• Performance is a measure of speed loss, or the number of units a machine is rated to produce per hour versus the number of units it actually produces.

• Quality represents the amount of scrap material produced by a particular machine, with rejected materials, products that fall short of quality standards and any items that require rework all affecting overall quality.

结论是,操作人员“可以通过计算OEE设备的特定部件在整个工厂实现了显着的èFFI ciency收益。”这样做也会使它更容易查明设备的特定件工作预期的标准和规范为电子FFI ciency和可靠性,,en,并使得运营商了解所在区域的运营改善将导致在电子FFI ciency最大复苏,,en,许多工厂经理只考虑泵送系统的前期资本成本在他们的决策过程,,en,可最终被从长远来看,其业务的昂贵的选择,,en,根据液压研究所的“泵寿命周期成本,,en,指南LCC分析泵系统手册,,en, and makes the operator aware of the areas where operational improvement will result in the greatest recovery of efficiency.

Another useful tool for operators is the total life-cycle cost (LCC) model for pump technologies. Many factory managers consider only the upfront capital cost of a pumping system in their decision process, which can end up being a costly choice for their business in the long run. According to the Hydraulic Institute’s 'Pump Life Cycle Costs: A Guide to LCC Analysis for Pumping Systems' manual, 它在联合开发与欧洲泵业组织,,en,“在最小化泵送系统的LCC的一个最重要的因素是正确的泵送系统设计。”其他设计因素影响泵系统的总LCC包括管径,,en,网络连接设置和阀类型,,en,这些因素包括了泵的正确尺寸,,,en,作为选择较大的泵比必要只是“为了安全起见”将导致泵从最好的电子FFI ciency点运行路程,需要更多的能源消耗,,en,使用节流阀来控制溢流而不是泵速,,en,和应用的要求,如溢流速率头压力和流体粘度,,en, “the single most important factor in minimizing a pumping system’s LCC is proper pumping system design.” Other design factors that impact the pumping system’s total LCC include pipe diameters, lengths, 弯, elbows, fittings and valve types, which can increase friction loss. These factors include the correct sizing of the pump, as selecting a larger pump than necessary just ‘to be safe’ will result in the pump operating away from the best efficiency point and requiring more energy consumption; the use of throttling valves to control flow rather than pump speed; and application requirements such as flow rate head pressure and fluid viscosity. 这些是应用专业技术能够帮助系统的设计和安装的所有领域,,en,出于这样的原因,,en,许多厂商通过第三方分销商,,en,在系统设计和水泵选型顾问或泵制造商寻求帮助,,en,工业制造商可能认为他们正在从当他们面临着不断增长的需求,以更好地应对和控制能源价格波动各方炮轰,,en,满足不断扩大的法规遵从法律的严格信条,,en. 事实上, for this reason, many manufacturers look to third-party distributors, consultants or pump manufacturers for help in system design and pump selection.


工业制造商可能会觉得,当他们面临着不断增长的需求,以应对和控制能源价格的波动,他们正在轰炸,,en,满足不断扩大的法规遵从法规的严格要求,,en,并同时满足公众和他们的客户谁是棘轮达到预期效果有关改善环境管理,,en,虽然这可能是一项艰巨,,en,它也是一个显着的,,en,在当今的制造环境中开展业务的成本的必要组成部分,,en,制造商必须满足这些要求,同时运行的有利可图的业务,,en,它变得越来越明显的是,厂商谁将会在未来取得成功会是谁开发者和利用应用专业,,en, meet the strict requirements of expanding regulatory-compliance legislation, and satisfy both the public and their customers who are ratcheting up expectations regarding improving environmental stewardship. While this can be daunting, it is also a significant, and necessary part of the cost of doing business in today’s manufacturing environment. Manufacturers must satisfy these demands while simultaneously running a profitable business. With that in mind, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that the manufacturers who will be successful in the future will be the ones who develop and utilize applications expertise, especially when selecting critical pumping technologies and systems.

To do this, 工业制造商和渠道合作伙伴,,en,经销商,,en,顾问和工程网络有效值是携手在手与他们,,en,正致力于在他们的建筑行业专业知识的应用,,en,可以的制造商,都最终用户解锁显着的值,,en,是构建卓越的应用专业技术的公司将在市场在未来创造显着的竞争优势,,en (the distributors, consultants and engineering firms that work hand-in-hand with them) are committing to building applications expertise in their industries. This expertise, when thoughtfully applied to essential system challenges, can unlock significant value for the manufacturer and the end user alike. 因此, companies that build superior applications expertise will create a significant competitive advantage in the market in the future.