Wilden® Releases PS1 13 毫米 (½”) Original™ Clamped Metal Pump

PS1-AL-Clamped大露台, CA – August 31, 2017威尔顿®, PSG的一部分®, 一个多佛公司与气动双隔膜泵的全球领导者 (AODD) 泵技术, is pleased to announce the availability of its PS1 Original™ 13 毫米 (½”) clamped metal AODD pump equipped with the energy-efficient Pro-Flo® SHIFT空气分配系统 (ADS). This new high performance pump features the reliability and energy savings of the Pro-Flo SHIFT ADS while its clamped configuration allows for easier maintenance, diaphragm replacement and cleaning.

The Wilden Pro-Flo SHIFT ADS incorporates a unique Air Control Spool that automatically restricts the amount of air going into the pump during the latter part of each stroke, 这消除了过度充盈气室,并导致减少的能量消耗. 通过优化空气消耗量, 临-FLO SHIFT降低能源和运营成本.

The footprint of the PS1 Original matches that of the Wilden PX1 Original, which enables direct replacement of a PX1 Original with no repiping necessary. With less components (no dial) 和 7% more efficient than the PX1 Original, the backward capability of the PS1 Original makes it an easy, cost-effective way to enhance and upgrade existing pump performance. PS1 Original pumps are shear sensitive and intrinsically safe with self-priming and dry-run capabilities, and offer the longest mean time between repair (MTBR), superior anti-freezing and increased on/off reliability.

The Wilden PS1 Original has an aluminum center block and is available with an aluminum, stainless steel or alloy C wetted-path material. Meeting CE and ATEX requirements, the pump features maximum discharge pressures to 8.6 酒吧 (125 PSIG), maximum flow rates to 60.2 LPM (15.9 GPM), and maximum suction lifts to 5.9 米 (19.3“) 干 9.8 米 (32.2“) 湿. Diaphragms are available in Buna-N, 三元乙丙橡胶, 聚氨酯, 聚四氟乙烯, Saniflex™, 氟橡胶® and Wil-Flex™. 另外, PS1 Original pumps will be available for compliance with FDA CFR 21.177 and 1935/2004/EC standards.

有关威尔顿更多信息, 请访问 wildenpump.com. 威尔顿是一个产品品牌内PSG, 一个多佛公司. 有关巴黎圣日耳曼更多信息, 请访问 psgdover.com.

吉姆·威尔顿革命性的泵送行业的时候,他发明了气动双隔膜泵 (AODD) 在泵 1955. 自那以后, 威尔顿AODD泵已经被证明是值得信任的解决方案,以泵送应用在各种各样的产业. 威尔顿泵是PSG的一部分®, 一个多佛公司, 和制造大露台, CA.

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