Mastering the Art of Paint Production

源: 涂料 & 涂料工业,,en,已经移动到生产的学校和爱好油漆类的头一个公司是荷兰公司普通中等教育,,en,担负着确保Creall油漆的每一滴离开制造厂满足普通中等教育的高品质标准的任务的人是技术经理工作Doppenberg,,en,世界各国,,en,生产爱好涂料包括严格混合,,en,普通中等教育是利用高级H800高压泵AODD,,en

事实证明, there is a definite ‘art’ to the manufacture of the arts and crafts paints that enables a child to finger paint a family portrait worthy of a place on the fridge door. One company that has moved to the head of the class in the production of school and hobby paints is Dutch company Havo.

Jaap Vos founded Havo in 1963 as a manufacturer of modelling materials for use in schools in the region. 在随后的 53 岁月, 普通中等教育已经成长为在生产创作材料的主要名字 - 涂料, 粘土, 胶水, 拉丝料等相关配件 - 用于教育和零售细分市场的嗜好.

今天, Havo’s Creall paint brand is used by schools and hobby enthusiasts in 53 世界各地的国家, 并有进一步扩大到全球零售市场持续.

“我们创造了很多的产品, and in paints we produce 4 million litres a year,” explains Jan Zwiers, managing director for Havo. “这是非常重要的,我们必须具有良好的品质和可靠性的产品, 所以我们用它来使我们的产品在设备需要高效率和有效。“

Zwiers'只生产最高质量的创意产品的承诺不仅体现了良好的普通中等教育名, but also helps ensure domestic tranquility because he is married to Annemieke Zwiers-Vos, who is also a managing director for the company and the daughter of Havo founder Jaap Vos.

Havo, producer of creative materials for use in the educational and retail hobby markets, was recommended to use Wilden’s Original and Advanced AODD pumps by pump distributor Holland Air Pumps

Searching for the perfect pump

眼看从挤压管或瓶分散爱好油漆给人的印象是,他们必须易于制造. 事实上, 虽然, 也有很多严格的混合, blending and transferring stages that must be successfully completed for every batch to guarantee that every colour, 无论是主, 二级或三级, 有色彩和表情,预计.

“我们的产品看起来普通,易于处理, 但有时很难产生或泵的涂料,因为他们可能很难管理,” says Zwiers. “因为我们是在一个利基市场, 我们使用以产生我们的涂料的机器可能需要进行修改,以使它们适合我们的目的. 这就是为什么我们有我们的机器高要求, 这就是为什么我们需要良好的机器。“

The man charged with the task of ensuring that every drop of Creall paint that leaves the manufacturing plant meets Havo’s high quality standards is technical manager Job Doppenberg.

“We work from 8am to 4.30pm every day, 如果它是忙, the plant keeps going until 9pm,” says Doppenberg. “我的工作是保证所有的机器都运行, 如果他们没有运行良好, 我期待的解决方案。“

Keeping equipment running properly is often easier said than done because the raw materials that are used to produce Havo’s paints can have a long list of unique handling characteristics. 这可以是在大批量的生产速率尤其如此, 与HAVO产生共 3.5 万支,每年漆瓶, 或近 10,000 一天.

“我们泵油漆一大罐, 与颜料混用, 然后填写了去学校或零售店瓶,” Doppenberg continues. “我们生产的油漆是磨料, 具有高粘度,可以是一个有点粘, 一些涂料比其他人更粘. 我们的涂料的粘度也非常高, 取决于 30,000 千帕 (千帕), 这可以有更多的处理问题比粘度漆 20,000 千帕. 所以, if we have a pump problem then the different lines can’t be filled and production stops.”

历年, Doppenberg和普通中等教育曾尝试不同的泵技术, 最近齿轮泵, 对于挑剔的混合, 混合和瓶灌装操作, but had begun to notice shortcomings in their operational ability that were hampering the production schedules.

“我们已经尝试了很多不同的泵技术的泵我们的油漆, 与密封泵, 和非常高的价格过高, 昂贵的泵, 像齿轮泵,” recalls Doppenberg. “我们有一年运行的齿轮泵,它需要被修复, 它不会再抽到好. 我们也对我们的高压压滤机活塞泵是用于清洗的机器,它是打破. 所以, 你是做什么,然后? 我们开始寻找另一个泵“。


Creall paint is used by schools and hobby enthusiasts in more than 53 countries worldwide

Solving the problem with air

To help with the problem, Doppenberg turned to Holland Air Pumps of Oirschot in the Netherlands, a distributor of air-powered pumps, and asked Gerrit Klaassen, Holland Air Pumps’ commercial director, if he could recommend any alternatives.

“我们一直在与荷兰航空的工作泵 15 至 16 年,因为服务好. They have parts in stock and, if there is a problem, the people from Holland Air Pumps come here and explain what the solution is,” says Doppenberg.

“他们还提供测试泵显示的解决方案是什么, 所以我跟格里特,他说我们可以测试一些空气泵他们了。“

Klaassen recommended Wilden air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) 泵, a product brand of US company PSG, for which Holland Air Pumps is a distributor in the Netherlands and other European countries.

In particular, Klaassen suggested stainless-steel Wilden Original (夹) 和高级 (狂奔) AODD泵, the 51mm PS8 and PS800 models, 分别.

“由于我们的涂料的粘度非常高,我们需要AODD带不锈钢球泵使球不会被卡住在内线的时候,是时候在阀门重新安装,” explains Doppenberg.

“如果球被卡住在内线, 它保持了和泵不会泵. With the stainless-steel Wilden pumps, the balls have time to drop through the paint and reseat after pumping. 这是一个很好的泵, 一个很好的泵“。

除了具有处理高粘度液体的能力, the PS8 and PS800 pumps have a redesigned liquid path that reduces internal friction for maximised flow rates and pumping efficiency with leak-free product containment guaranteed.

隔膜选项包括丁腈橡胶, 三元乙丙橡胶, 供应Geolast, 氯丁橡胶, 聚氨酯, 聚四氟乙烯 (铁氟龙), Saniflex (的Hytrel), Viton and Wil-Flex (山都平).


The production of hobby paints includes strict mixing, blending and transferring stages pressure

另外, the PS8 and PS800 pumps are fitted with Wilden’s revolutionary Pro-Flo SHIFT Air Distribution System (ADS). 临弗洛SHIFT的设计和操作可提供高达 60% savings in air consumption when compared to competitive models, achieving lower operating costs and carbon footprint. 这对普通中等教育的另一个重要的考虑因素, which prides itself on being a ‘green’ company and powers its facility with solar energy while constantly monitoring electricity consumption.

HAVO采用共 25 Wilden pumps in its production operation, all equipped with Wilden Equalizer SD series surge dampeners. This accessory minimises unwanted pressure fluctuations during liquid-transfer applications by providing a supplementary pumping action that virtually eliminates pressure variations that can create pulse in the liquid flow, 具有操作能力高达 8.6 酒吧 (125 PSI).

The SD series is available in aluminum, 不锈钢, 铸铁和聚丙烯, 根据泵模型被用于, 并且也与所有的威尔顿标准隔膜兼容的选项.

在压滤机用来清洁废水其移动到处理厂之前, Havo is utilising an Advanced H800 high pressure AODD pump. The bolted configuration of the 51mm pump ensures total product containment with stainless steel and cast iron available for the wetted path, which has been redesigned to maximise output and efficiency. 隔膜包括PTFE和WIL-Flex的.


Original and Advanced AODD pumps are ideal for Havo because they can handle high-viscosity liquids

“当像普通中等教育的长期合作伙伴给我们带来的一个问题, 我们尽最大努力确定并推荐合适的解决方案,” says Klaassen. “当工作走近我,他正面临着抽高粘度和粘涂料产品的挑战, 我知道威尔顿泵将是最好的解决方案。“

Pumps make life easier

就其性质, 艺术家都是完美主义者, 他们觉得,每幅作品是真正的艺术作品. 这意味着,产生他们所使用的油漆的公司还必须努力为客户提供完美的产品. 普通中等教育已经能够满足标准超过 50 years in part by partnering with equipment suppliers that recognise its unique production needs and are able to deliver the ideal solution.

“我需要我可以信任做的工作机, 我们需要的合作伙伴,我可以信任, 如果我给他们打电话,他们能告诉我该怎么办, 我也得到了来自荷兰空气泵,” says Doppenberg. “该威尔顿泵在帮我做我的工作非常好, 他们让我的工作更容易。“