A Splash of Colour: The Right Pump for Inkmaking

By Michelangelo Branconi | View The Article

Why AODD pumps are the secret ingredient for succes at a Spanish ink manufacturer — When a Spanish hidden champion wanted to grow, their process equipment was not up to the task. Now, the company has moved beyond its humble roots, with the help of a competent partner — and a reliable pump technology.

It would seem to be a pretty safe assumption that Ugo La Valle has seen and done it all at Chimigraf: He joined the Barcelona, Spain-based ink manufacturer in 1970, the year the company was founded, as a technician, and has devoted his professional life to Chimigraf to such an extent that he is now its President.

In his 45 years, he has seen — and helped — Chimigraf grow into an internationally recognized company that is a leading global producer of water-, solvent- and UV-based inks for use in flexography, rotogravure and digital printing systems, as well as ink jet and screen printing, in the graphic-arts industry.

“We are specially devoted to the production and commercialization of inks for flexography and rotogravure printing,” said La Valle. “Last year, we produced 12,000 tons of inks and we exported 15 % to other countries, not only in Europe, but in North Africa and South America, and we sell our inks in more than 60 countries. We now have four production factories, one devoted to water-based inks, one to solvent inks, one to blending inks and one for digital inks.”

Like La Valle, Alberto Maestre Hoffmann is intimately familiar with the company for which he works. In his case, it is Barcelona’s Tecnica de Fluidos, also known as TDF Group, which is a distributor of industrial pumps, systems and solutions that have been designed to optimize the transfer of difficult-to-handle fluids. Hoffmann’s father, Aurelio Losada Maestre, founded TDF Group in 1976 and in 2000 Alberto became its Managing Director.

“We have always been dedicated to the distribution of industrial pumps and have slowly grown the organization to where we are now,” explained Hoffmann. “We now have 74 employees in Spain, six warehouse and office facilities in Spain, subsidiaries in France, Portugal, Poland and Switzerland, and a presence in 10 countries in Europe and South America.”